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Our founding father of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, the Late Sir Grand Chief Michael Somare has left a legacy of freedom and independence from colonialism and satan's bondage towards a free and independent nation and country, representing the largest Melanesian country.

Our Great Grand Chief passed away on this date February 26th, 2021 and we are obliged to continue fulfill his dream of a prosperous and peaceful Melanesia

Through cooperation and supporting each other financially, we will finally arrive to our destiny: United, Free, and Peaceful Melanesia!


Check out our Campaigns. Let us act
act to progress to prosper!

Melanesian Storylines Documentation

We believe that the very existence of Melanesian peoples in the past, present and future is build based upon stories. The stories that organically map the hotspots of events, objects, ...

Good News from Melanesia to Indonesia

Based on the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ, handed down through our father and grandfather, the founder of the Evangelical Church of Indonesia (GIDI), The Late Reverend Ki’marek Karoba Tawy, ...

Sponsor Melanesian Specific Domain Name

We encourage Melanesian peoples and whoever out there, who love Melanesia and Melanesian peoples to sponsor the purchasing of one or more Melanesian-Specific Domain Name(s).

7 Ways You Can
Appreciate what Great Grand Chief Michael Somare and the Late Father Walter Lini have Achieved

  • 01 Pray for Good News from Melanesia to Indonesia! Spread the Good News to Indonesia!
  • 02.Donate whatever you have: Food, Clothing to support our evangelism work
  • 03.Set Up a Family, clan, village, island Group for Action of prayer and donation.
  • 04.Join to Contribute your Skill and time in spreading the Good News.
  • 05. Spread the message of Good News to Indonesia through families, clans, villages and islands.
  • 06.Give directly Online

You can check out our work. Are you ready for a
better, Our Active Campaigns.

Our Causes

Support the First Melanesian Women’s Retail Store Franchise

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Our Causes

Support Melanesian-Specific Domain Names Registration

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Our Causes

Finalise the Office of West Papua Refugees Relief Association

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You can check out our work. Are you ready for a
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