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About Us

February 26th, 2021 was the date when our “The Right Honourable Great Grad Chief Sir Michael Somare GCL GCMG CH CF SSI KStJ KSG” left this bodily world to Rest in Peace.

He started a dream of a Free and Independent Papua New Guinea, an Independent and Prosperous Papua New Guinea and Melanesian peoples; 

As his children and grand-children, let us fly the dream, as high as possible and let us enjoy what he dreamed for his future generations.

We serve to make that dream happen: to easily and cheaply book airline tickets and hotel rooms around the world, but primarily and particularly across Melanesian countries

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Here are our contact details:

  1. For General Information: admin@260221.com
  2. For Airline Tickets and Hotel Rooms Bookings
    1. salute@26021.com
    2. wa: 74215488
  3. For Booked Flights and Hotel Rooms (Customer Services)
    1. yes@260221.com
    2. wa: 78213007

Team Up

The Founder and Director of PAPUAmart.com LTD can be contacted here.

PAPUAmart.com LTD is a local PNG company that is first of all based in the capital city of Port Moresby, and is about to establish its branch offices across towns and islands in Papua New Guinea and across Melanesian Countries.

For further information please contact papuamart@gmail.com or info@papuamart.com or info@papuamart.ltd