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Through our various domain registration platforms and websites:,,,,, and many others, we are encouraging and promoting registration of Melanesian-Specific Domain names in order to encourage the presence of Melanesian identities on the Internet.

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Register Melanesia-Specific Domain name(s).

The “Melanesian-Specific domain name(s)” means the domain names that are:

  1. most preferably the name(s) should be in local Melanesian languages (tok ples);
  2. registered by a Melanesian person;
  3. register the name of a person, a family, a clan, a moiety, a tribe, a village, a mountain, a river, a tree, an animal, a stone, a cave and anyone, anything;

By registering Melanesian-Specific Domain Name(s) first of all we become present, our existence become noticeable, and  later on can be recognised and then respected. In other words, there is no recognition or respect when we ourselves are not present Online as we are present and exist Onsite.

Registering a domain name related to our respective geographical, social, and cultural identities will help us today to appreciate what we have, to help our future children and grand-children appreciate their own identities, and for the world to realize, recognize and later on we expect them to appreciate that our existence contribute many enriching values to this life and to the future lives,

Many people around the world do not know where New Guinea is, where Vanuatu is, where Solomon Islands is. They know Australia and New Zealand, but have no clue when we mention West Papua, New Caledonia, Bougainville. Registering Melanesian-Specific Domain Name(s) is the easiest and cheapest way to present ourselves to the world.

Our Melanesian identities and names in our own vernaculars are being massively under threat due to modernization and assimilation processes imposed by the contacts with foreign cultures. First of all, our respective identities referring to our own clans and tribes have been wiped out. Now we are saying, “I am Papua New Guinean, I am Solomon Islanders, Fijians, ni-Vanuatu, Kanak and West Papuans”, well, actually we are not. We are all Melanesians, who live with our own clans and tribal names in our respective territories. These foreign names are imposed by foreigners to help them identify and manage us, not presented by us to foreigners as our identified, understood and perceived identities.

By registering Melanesian-Specific Domain names, we will start self-identifying our own identities as individuals, families, clans, moieties, tribes and nations.

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